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Allied Speciality Foods - A leading independent provider of thin-sliced steak and chicken — serving national and regional restaurant operators as well as retail outlets. We are customer-centered and quality-focused to give you exceptional menu-friendly products — products that satisfy consumer demand for taste and tenderness. Let us be your thin-sliced steak supplier. Wafer Sliced, Portion Control, Raw or Fully Cooked.

Atalanta Foods - One of the nation’s largest importers of Hams, Ribs, Deli Meats & Cheeses as well as grocery products from all over the world. Brands like Celebrity, Finlandia Swiss, and Prima Foods just to name a few. A one stop shop for many of your imported product needs.

Cargill Meat Solutions - Cargill (Excel) Fresh Pork and Beef products are leaders in the industry. With cuts of meat to cover every retail, food service and further processing need, Cargill is one of the largest slaughterers and packers in the entire world. Let’s see what Cargill Meat Solutions product will work for you!

Cook’s Hams, Inc. – A division of Smithfield Foods - Cooks produces what are, far and away, the most popular Bone In Smoked Ham products sold in the area today. Patiently cured, natural hardwood smoke and old fashioned hard work assured your customer of the very finest smoked ham delicacies available today. Cook’s, the REAL taste of Ham!

Delft Blue Veal - The originators of “PROVIMI” Veal, Delft Blue is the only completely vertically integrated veal producer in the country. They control the feed, they control the farms, they control the production and shipping. The result is the most consistent veal your money can buy. We offer the classic formula fed, Grain fed and Bob veal all under one roof and riding on one truck.

Hazel Park Packing Company - Manufacturers of top quality deli and smoked meat products in the old fashion tradition. A smaller company who is service oriented but big enough to provide a product you can count on.

John F. Martin & Son's Meats - "Since 1961, John F. Martin & Sons have been producing PA Dutch Style Hams, Bacon and Provisions in Lancaster, PA. In May 2014, they opened a Brand New, State of the art Bacon processing facility capable of running 240 pounds of packaged bacon every minute. That is over 14,000 pounds per hour! All of their product is natural Hardwood Smoked, be it Hickory or Applewood. They offer traditional or Brown sugar cures and their product is hand crafted, in small batches, using only the freshest quality raw materials. Truly a special line of processed meat products from the heart of PA Dutch Country."

Loeffler’s Gourmet Provisions - “Loeffler’s Gourmet is a small, artisan manufacturer in Trenton New Jersey. Owned by Polish Immigrant Robert Trofimowicz, Loeffler’s produces smoked and processed meat products in the European Tradition. Using only the finest and freshest raw materials, Loeffler’s produces Authentic Polish Kielbasi, Trenton Made Pork Roll, Bologna, Salami, Liverwurst, Genuine Canadian Bacon, Natural casing All Meat Franks, ands the absolute finest cooked, flavored and smoked hams available anywhere in the world.”

Martins Specialty Sausage Co. - For over 20 years, Martins sausage has led the pack in quality, consistence and variety of Italian, Breakfast and specialty sausage products. This sausage will ruin you for anything else.

Spring Lake American Cheese - Offered exclusively by CEBCO, Spring Lake American Cheese is produced to our strict specifications by one of the nations premier cheese makers. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity, which we are pleased to offer to our wonderful customer base. We offer both Loaf and Sliced American Cheese at VERY competitive price levels.

Sydell / Hillandale - The Egg folks! Sydell / Hillandale offers a full line of egg products for retail, food service and further processing applications. They are available in all sizes and varieties. They also offer eggs, which are certified Organic and Low Cholesterol. We also source Butter, Margarine, fresh Hard Boiled Eggs and cream from them.

Monogram Packaged Meats - From the Heartland of America comes the biggest company you never heard of! Westin Foods. Westin Packaged Meats, one of their subsidiaries is the newest, largest producer of Pre Cooked Bacon in the entire country. From “Roasted” products ready to be finished off by your chef in two minutes to Fully Cooked, Shelf Stable Real Bacon Strips and Rounds to Bacon Bits, Chips and Pieces to artificial Bacon Bits, Westin Packaged Meats is a one stop shop for all your pre cooked bacon needs. Westin even makes a bacon product for military use that can be held at room temperature for THREE YEARS! Nationwide Coverage, Fresh, Frozen, Shelf Stable, Private Label….. Westin Packaged Meats is your one stop shop.

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Farmers Cheese Co-op
Nasonville Dairy
Country Fresh Quick Blanched Mushrooms
Bongards Creameries
Brewster Dairies and Galaxy Cheese Company.

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